Buzzy Christmas Party 2008

The Buzzy Christmas Party in 2008 was the last one that he attended.  At the time he was residing at Chesapeake Shores Nursing Home and I recall having to talk him into attending the party.  He reluctantly agreed to do so providing we got him back to the nursing home when he wanted to go.  He made a brief appearance and then Pam took him back up the road soon after.  Here is the only photo I got of him that evening.  While it is a decnt enough photo of Brady and Wink, I wished I’d done a better job with Buzzy at least looking up.

And saving the best for last, this is one of my all time favorite Buzzy Christmas party pics with the Bartman giving me the look he made famous:

Come on Bart, you’re posing with two very nice ladies!

Speaking of nice ladies, check out Cindy Crawford spicing up Bon Jovi’s cover of this Christmas tune.  (Note that at the 1:44 mark I recognized those cutoffs as the same ones she wore in the classic Pepsi commercial (click here.)  OK, I’m just bs’ing about that, but you got to admit that they do look  pretty good even if they may not be the same ones.)

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