Santa Jokes

There are several Santa jokes along the lines of him only “coming” once a year.  For example – Why doesn’t he have any kids? 

So, how about we stay away from those and go with a couple others that you may or may not find funny.  I thought they were pretty good just because they made me go “Ok, didn’t see that coming!”  (Get it? Beavis that I am, I said coming again, huh, huh, huh!)

First up a “good” Santa joke:

How can Santa always be so healthy?  Because he has good elf care.

Next a bad one:

What do you get if you deep fry Santa?  Crisp Cringle.

Finally, an ugly but funny Santa joke:

From 82+ Sick Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud (

OK lest we end on such a somber note, how about a Buzzy-related Santa joke for you?  

Why does Santa never buy a round in Buzzy’s Country Store?  Because he is always Nickel-less. 

I know, very lame but I’ll leave you with one just as lame in order to get outta here with some music for you:  

Who is Santa’s favorite singer?  Elf-is Presley:
The King released 3 Christmas albums during his run.  His first was just his 3rd overall album ever released and that was in 1957 (click here.)  That Christmas album is the best selling Christmas album of all time and includes this tune:

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