Twofer Tuesday – Visitors at Buzzy’s

Along with my everyday Buzzy friends and family, Saturday saw two sets of visitors to Buzzy’s who had not been in in awhile.   Jamyi and Ben Sterling stoppped by following their participation in the Pt. Lookout Special Olympics Splash:

(6) Jaymi Sterling | Facebook

This wasn’t their first visit to Buzzy’s as they were here when Jaymi’s Mom Yumi and Dad Gov. Larry Hogan dropped in back in 2016 to announce the start of the road construction at Pt. Lookout (click here.)  Here is a photo Gov. Hogan sent me following their visit:

While Jaymi and Ben were here this past Saturday, my daughter Ryan and her friend Kim Lynn then also dropped in for a visit.  Kim lives in Charleston and  she and Ryan have been best friends ever since they went to high  school together.  (This was even more coincidental, because Ben’s father Bobby and I went to high school together albeit many, many moons ago.)  Kim had driven up from Carolina to fetch a stuffed ham for her folks and Ryan, who was also in Carolina (from her Hawaii home) was in the area visiting her Mom, rode along with her.  We all went to dinner Friday night and they made the South County trek to Buzzy’s Saturday afternoon.  
Photo by JW Raley

My visitor scale goes as follows:  First, I am always glad when anyone decides to visit Buzzy’s.  Whenever I hear the front door open to see someone walk in, even if I don’t recognize them or they haven’t been in for some time, I am always glad to see them.  Secondly, when my Buzzy visitors are those folks whom I recognize and see quite frequently, I am doubly pleased that they keep coming back on a regular basis.  Whenever he or she  pops in, a little voice in my head says “Good!  They are here.”

All that said though, I am most pleased when my Buzzy visitors are one of my immediate family members who are stopping in for a visit.  This past Saturday then, I hit the visitor trifecta!

Speaking of visitors, that Santa sure is some moving on kinda guy the way he manages to visit everyone in just one night isn’t he?

Netflix movie Christmas Chronicles.

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