Covid/Buzzy's Update

Buzzy’s is back open as usual.  In fact, thanks to Brian Barnhill and Pat Birmingham, Buzzy’s was open this past weekend.  My thanks to both of them for Buzzy’s welcoming in the New Year by being open.

As for my recovery from Covid, I have been symptom free for a week now and feel fine.  However, I still want to complete my 10 day quarantine which is due up later this week.   Thus far, none of my Buzzy friends that I have talked to or have heard about have come down with the virus, so that is good.  We live in crazy times don’t we?  

And speaking of thanks to friends for helping me out, my thanks to Duncan Lepper for clearing the ice and snow out of the Buzzy parking lot.

Caught Carole and JT on their CNN Concert the other night.  Both still getting it done after all these years. This performance here was from a couple years back:

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