Twofer Tuesday – Amanda Jones(es)

A young lady in Buzzy’s Country Store recently paid for her purchases with a credit card and I noted that the receipt showed her name as being Amanda Jones.  I started to comment that the Rolling Stones had had a good song by that name but a) I knew she would have absolutely no clue what I was talking about and b) the Amanda Jones Mick is singing about comes across as someone who doesn’t really have her act together.  Check for yourself: 

P.S. Check out this bio (click here) about an American inventor, author, spiritualist and feminist named Amanda Jones.   Mick may have been singing about some lost-ball-in-tall-grass-kinda-lady, but it sure sounds like the American Amanda Jones knew what she was doing. Next Amanda Jones I encounter in Buzzy’s, I now know what to say to her. 

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