FB Anniversaries

Speaking of celebrating anniversaries as Pam and I did yesterday, I smiled when I saw a Facebook post yesterday by someone who used to rent an apartment from me at Buzzy’s Country Store several years ago.  In her FB post, the young lady announced that she and her SO were celebrating their anniversary and that she loved him.  It all brought back the following incident that occured when the couple rented from me several years ago.

It was a late Sunday afternoon in Buzzy’s when my young tenant hurried in upset and crying and asked me to call the police because her boyfriend had just attacked her.  She didn’t appear to be harmed as I didn’t see any bruises or signs of her having been struck, so instead of simply calling 911, I thought to try and calm her down first and asked her “What happened?” 

She told me how she and her boyfriend were arguing and somewhere along the line he had snatched a necklace from around her neck.  She felt threatened by him and his actions and had left the apartment to come into the Store and that is why she wanted me to call the police.  

Not exactly sure how to proceed, I did the Buzzy thing and offered her something to drink.  That helped as she noted that she did not want to go back into the apartment but didn’t know what else to do.  I suggested that she call her Dad to see what he advised.  Thankfully, her Dad told her to sit tight and that he would be down to pick her up which he did a short time later.  Relieved, I closed and left the Store and that was the last dealings that I ever had involving this matter.  

The young couple eventually made up, got back together and a few months later moved from Buzzy’s.  I have not seen nor heard from them since.  

Then just yesterday, I couldn’t help but smile when I saw a FB posting from the young lady proclaiming “Happy Anniversary to (boyfriend) and me on our (umpteenth) anniversary. I love you.”  What more can I say?  That their anniversary is the same as Pam’s and mine is quite a coincidence even if I have never tried to remove any of Pam’s jewelry off of her!  

On a cold and snowy day, here’s a heartwarming little tune from Sheryl and the Stingster for you and couples everywhere: 

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