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Maryland Considering Bill To Allow Beer, Wine In Grocery Stores – CBS Baltimore (

Every year, the legislative session in Maryland has one or two bills introduced that would allow beer and wine sales in grocery stores.  That is particularly true this year as there are a couple bills bouncing around the House and Senate that would approve such a move.  

Because these bills usually die on the vine so to speak, the folks wanting to see it happen have introduced a bill that would put it on a referendum to let voters decide whether or not to allow grocery sales.  No one knows for sure how Maryland voters would vote on this, but the general consensus seems to be that most folks would vote yes.      

As you would expect, Maryland liquor store owners oppose this move.  The President of our St. Mary’s County Beverage Association David Dent has sent the following to our Delegate Brian Crosby.  Here is what Dave had to say:

I wanted to review my position on the following House Bills that will be heard before the Economic Matters Committee on Monday February 21, 2022. 

Bill 506—Constitutional Amendment—Beer and Wine Licenses–Retail Grocery Establishments (OPPOSED) 

Bill 356—Prince George’s County-Licenses for Supermarkets (OPPOSED) 

Bill 858—Class A Licenses-Retail Grocery Establishments (Opposed.) 

All three of these bills could allow for beer and wine to be sold in grocery stores and/or convenience stores.  In my opinion, these proposals would have a detrimental effect on small business. 

 In my business, beer and wine are approximately 68% of my overall alcohol sales. I believe this will also create an explosion of new licenses.  If passed and adopted, HB 858 has the potential of allowing for a 50% increase in Class-A (off-premises) licensees. 

 I appreciate your opposition to bills similar to these current bills in prior years and I urge you to oppose these bills. 


 There is a hearing on Bill 506 set for Monday. Should you want to track the progress of this, or for that matter, any bill in the Maryland Legislature use this link to do so (click here.)  (Note that there is another bill that would allow St. Mary’s County residents to use their golf vehicles on public roads (click here.)  Maybe they could use them to ride to Chief’s or Buzzy’s to buy some beer.) 

The refrain “The only thing that’s permanent is change” from this little known/heard Johnny Rivers‘ tune always runs thru my mind when the subject turns to change and accepting it:

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