A Buzzy Commercial

Speaking of commercials (previous post,) back in 2007 when I first bought Buzzy’s Country Store from my Dad, I was thinking about making a commercial to run on our local cable T-V.  

My idea for the commercial was to open with a shot of me sweeping the floor in the Store while Buzzy sat behind the counter reading the paper like he usually did.  I envisioned saying something like this:

I then planned to conclude the commercial by looking over at Buzzy and saying, “Isn’t that right Dad?”

The camera would pan in on Buzzy who would look up over his glasses and say to me in that gruff voice of his “You need to put some more 10-ounce Budweiser in the cooler.”   

The commercial would end with the note “Buzzy’s Country Store – where some things never change.”

Not sure that I could afford the fees that they charge to use any music in a commercial.  However, something from this tune would sound pretty good for what I had in mind for the Buzzy commercial:

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