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One last Super Bowl-related post and no more bugging you about it until next year’s SB 57 when the Commanders and the Ravens will square off against one another.  I hear you laughing and scoffing, but keep in mind that absolutely nobody had predicted a Rams/Bengals matchup for this year so who knows what can happen next season? 

The results for this year are  conclusive however, as the Rams certainly proved to be  the better team.  There is no bitching from the Bengals that the results were not really what they were and that somehow they won the game.   The beauty of sports is that when the game is over, it’s over.   

On the other hand, off the field, opinions and rankings of this year’s best SB commercials are all over the place (click here for one review.)  Overall however, it seems that lots of folks enjoyed the commercials involving Barbie, the Joneses, the Sopranos and yes, even the Alexa-mind-reader-one that Larry Yeatman sent me last week (click here.)  Good call Larry.

And speaking of Larry, my guy Larry David’s commercial Don’t Be Like Larry, made both the best and the worst SB commercial lists.  With LD, you either like him or you don’t.  Check out the extended cut of his SB commercial and see what you think about it.  Vintage Larry!  (Listen for the crazy idea to “let stupid people vote.”)  

Musically of course, the Sopranos theme song carried that commercial.  However, I also enjoyed the Meta Quest commercial with the Simple Minds tune.  That one also appears on a lot of the “best” lists.  I included the original video also. 

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