Twofer Tuesday – Guy Calendars

My favorite calendar is the one Karen Guy puts together each year showing current and old (mostly old) country stores/drinking establishments here in the County.  She featured Buzzy’s Country Store in her 2020 edition (click here.)

Since we are now roughly two months into 2022, I am showing you Karen’s January and February entries which feature 2 historic Leonardtown establishments that unfortunately are no longer around.

I called Karen and thanked her for the calendar as well as complimented and told her how great I think it is.  Of the 12 businesses she has for 2022, 9 of them are no longer around.  

It proves what I tell folks who wander into Buzzy’s and comment on how nice it is that we’re still open:  “Enjoy it while you can because no one is opening up any new old country stores.  (New Cracker Barrels do NOT count.)  

My buddy Mike Whitson recently sent me 2 CD’s full of great tunes covering the musical horizon.  Since today I have been sorta talking about the hands of time, how about this Tyrone Davis tune that Mike included on his mix tapes to me.  As far as great bass songs go, this one is right up there with My Girl, We Gotta Get of this Place and Badge.  (A less familiar bass heavy song, Changes, may just be the best one of them all though.  Sure enough, Mike has also included it on one of his cd’s.) 

So since today is a twofer, I have also included that tune from Moby Grape.  Try and keep up with what Grape bassist Bob Mosley is doing here.  Like Ronnie would and did advise, “Turn it up.”

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