George Milburn

Funeral services today for George Milburn.  Good man, great friend, hard worker.  Here is his obit:

Note George’s attendance at the Cardinal Gibbons Institute in St. Inigoes and his apprenticeship with Johnny Demko.  

Robby Norris relayed a bittersweet memory of working with George when he and Duncan Lepper were building a house for somebody.  

George, who did all of Duncan’s masonry work, rolled in to do the fireplace for the house that Duncan and Robby were building.  However, the racist homeowner pushed back and didn’t want George, a black man, working in his house.  Robby and Duncan informed the homeowner that they were all leaving the job and would not be returning.  

After they left, a couple days later the homeowner called them and agreed to their returning along with George to do the fireplace.  Turns out that the homeowner ended up being very pleased with George and his work.  Hats off to Duncan and Robby for doing the right thing.    Hats off to George for putting up with that crap.  

Here is a photo that thanks to Duncan is now posted on the beer cooler in Buzzy’s Country Store.

Visitation is today 10:30 to noon, at St. Peter Claver Church.  Funeral mass follows at noon. 

Just maybe the best song ever about dealing with racism:

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