Leaked Commercials

As a follow-up to yesterday’s “Big Game” aka Super Bowl post about commercials, here is a funny one sent to me from Larry Yeatman.  Thank you, Larry:

Turns out that there are several other leaked Super Bowl commercials that are appearing prior to Sunday’s big event (click here.)  There is probably a joke in there somewhere about how you used to take a leak during commercials and now you find yourself watching leaked commercials.  

And speaking of bathroom humor, that brings up another Super Bowl related phenomena – all those folks using the bathroom at half time.  Across the country, at SB halftime it’s just one big simultaneous flush.  Myths have even sprung up that sewer systems will fail at halftime because they can’t handle all of the volume.  (Quick aside here – did you know that “You can’t handle the truth” was an ad libbed line in the movie A Few Good Men (click here and scroll down to #7)   Whenever that line is said somewhere, I always think of the joke “Why did the nursing mother stop breast feeding when her child began teething?  She couldn’t handle the tooth!”)

But back to the Alexa-reading-minds business, it won’t take long for the fake news stories to start circulating that Alexa really can read minds.  The explanation will probably be that it has something to do with that magnetic chip in the vaccine!  (Sarcasm font needed.)

And since this tune was included in the Alexa ad and I ended up talking about fake news, check out this Fleetwood live performance of Little Lies from 2015.  Christie and Stevie’s vocals are a little different from the original version, but are still great and Lindsay as always nails it on lead guitar:

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