The Big Game?

Speaking of Farrah Fawcett (previous post) did you know that she appeared on what is dubbed as the first famous Super Bowl commercial?

It sent me looking for it:

And in a good example of how the mighty have fallen, how bad is Namath today in those insufferable Medicare commercials?  They are so painful to watch that I can’t hit the mute button fast enough when they are shown.  Talk about getting creamed.

Something I find even more ironic is that with all of the hype over the commercials shown on T-V during the Super Bowl, nevertheless the NFL is so picky about letting advertisers use the name Super Bowl in any of their advertisements.  For example, in the next couple of days leading up to the Super Bowl, er, I mean the Big Game, take note how advertisers are forced to say, “Get Your (fill in the blank) for the Big Game.”  That’s because the NFL has a registered trademark on the term Super Bowl and won’t allow the term to be used in advertising (click here.)  Colbert had a clever way of getting around it here:

On the subject of commercials and controversy Neil’s current spat with Spotify isn’t the first time he’s thrown down over the commercialization of music.  His This Note’s for You from way back in 1988 stirred the pot with advertisers, MTV and several folks he lampooned in the video.  Look for the advertising icons of the day including a wicked, maybe even cruel in retrospect, take on Whitney (1:14 mark) dancing while Neil sings “Ain’t singing for Coke.”  Little cold Neil – even if still kinda funny:

OK click here to watch it.  

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