Twofer Tuesday – Cheers Follw-up

What a perfect date for the Buzzyblog’s Twofer Tuesday to fall on – 2/22/22.  

Today, how about a second Cheer-related post that features Cliff and Norm the two drinking buddies who were always in the bar and well, always drinking.  

The thing I find most fun about the characters Cliff and Norm is how they each managed to portray the two classic bar flies that you will find in every bar everywhere: the funny, know it all guy and the been-here-done-that hangdog fella who always seems to sit at the end of the bar.  (Think Clutch Raley in Buzzy’s.  As for the Cliff bar room, know-it-all stereotype, let’s just say that Buzzy’s has several versions of him.  Maybe even too many!)

Lots of great Cliff and Norm scenes to choose from but check out this one:

And since it is a “Twofer” here is another one of them showing off their singing skills – well maybe.   

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