"You Can Never Be Unfaithful to Your One True Love. You Always Come Back to Her."

To conclude my Cheers’ tribute, I first want to tell you about an exchange that I had with my friend Gary Rogow.  

Gary owns ABC Liquors and Lounge and last week invited me to join him at his place early one morning to listen in on a Zoom meeting with our Maryland legislators.  They were reviewing proposed legislation for the current session.  Gary and I of course were interested in learning more about the proposed sale of beer and wine in grocery stores.  

I made it to Gary’s a couple minutes before the 8 o’clock start time and after saying hello to Gary hit the bathroom.  (This is a little habit I picked up from my 37 years on Base of going to meetings – always go just before the meeting begins so you don’t have to do so during the meeting.)   

As I made my way thru Gary’s store into the adjoining bar and back to the restroom in the corner, it reminded me a little of Buzzy’s when all the lights are off and everything is very quiet and still.  On my return to Gary’s office, I stopped for a moment in the bar and checked things out.  Sure enough, it felt very peaceful and comforting.     

When I made it back to Gary’s crowded office, I said to him “I know this is going to sound weird, but do you get like a little rush or high when you’re in here early and all alone like this?  I do at Buzzy’s’ when I am there early by myself.  But then again, I grew up there so maybe it’s just me that it happens to.”  

Gary smiled and said “What do you mean just you?  Let me tell you – I absolutely love being in here by myself.  There are some mornings I can’t wait to get here and to answer your question – yes I know exactly what you mean.”

With that in mind, now check out the final Cheers’ scene and you will get some idea of what I’m talking about here.  Everything in this scene is spot on from Norm saying goodbye down to the floors creaking as Sam stands behind the bar (listen for it.)   Note that the picture of Geronimo that Sam straightens up as he walks out is one that the actor who played Coach had hanging up in his dressing room.  After the Coach’s death, the shows’ producers hung the picture in the bar in memory of and as a tribute to the Coach.  Buzzy’s picture hanging on the chimney in my Store does the same for me.   Cheers ends with a shot of the bar from across the road.  The episode’s title?  One For the Road.

I guess the song to play here should be Bette Midler’s goodbye song to Johnny Carson One for My Baby (One for the Road) (click here) but I never really cared for that tune. So, check this one out instead:

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