Hello March

March with all that in-like-a-lion-out-like-a-lamb-bi-polar-business can be a crazy month.  Throw in Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness and the coming of springtime near the end of the month and March will definitely keep you on your toes.  

Buzzy With His First Borns, First Granddaughter Ryan and Me 

Buzzy birthdays in March start off on the 2nd featuring my daughter Ryan who is celebrating her big day in Peru this year.  Robby Hall’s daughter Sheryl McKinnon celebrates on the 4th; Tommy Salvo the 7th; Bob Mann and my nephew Michael Hofmeister the 8th; Terri Yates the 16th; my nephew-in-law Ian Allen the 25th; and Steve Pratt on the 31st. 

Rich Brewer would have celebrated his birthday on the 2nd of March.  Swing by the Store tomorrow and we’ll drink one in his memory.  

Brewer and Shipley are most noted for their One Toke Over the Line, but I had heard and liked this song earlier from their second album.  Listen for the line “What a spirit spring is bringing around my head, makes me feel glad that I’m not dead.”  Find myself thinking of that line a lot and not just in springtime!


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