Seeing Buzzy sporting that WMZQ hat in yesterday’s post reminded me that I had previously discussed this hat (click here.)  I even used the same photo when doing so.  

WMZQ is still around and still broadcasting country music at 98.7 on your radio dial.  You can also catch it online (click here.)  (What can’t you check out online nowadays?  OK, don’t answer that!)

However, as you can see here, Buzzy’s MZQ hat hasn’t held up too well:

Buzzy noted 1955 on the bill as the year he was given it so I guess in hat years that means it is very old.  When I tried to run it thru the washing machine awhile back however, it didn’t fare too well.  (Note that it didn’t cleanup very well either.)  I’d toss it, but like alot of old things in Buzzy’s I just can’t bring myself to do so.  

My friend Kim Wiley keeps me informed on country music folks to check out and recently told me about Gary Allan.  Turns out Gary’s been around for some time now with 10 albums and several tunes at the top of the country music charts.  Since today I have been discussing country music on the radio station, how about this variation of that word play from Gary?

Were he still around, Rich Brewer would be at Buzzy’s today buying a round for his birthday. Here he is wearing his beloved Alma Mater Seahawks’ shirt. Miss you guy.

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