Brothers at Buzzy's – Pr. 2

The Aldridge brothers’ visit to Buzzy’s Country Store (yesterday’s post) sent me to the Buzzyblog archives in search of previous posts and photos featuring brotherly visits to Buzzy’s.  Here is what I found.

Back in 2011, I did a post on and included photos of the Yeatman brothers, McKay men and the Corbett boys who had all been in Buzzy’s at one time or another (click here for that post )  

Then in 2012 I did another post that featured the 6 McCoy brothers.  They had all stopped into Buzzy’s to claim the record for most brothers at Buzzy’s at one time (click here.)  

Music-wise, whenever I see or hear something about the Beatles referring to them as John-Paul-Ringo and George (click here for example,) I always think of the four oldest McCoy brothers – Freddie, Johnny, Jody and Danny.  In fact, if I had to chose which foursome of names I like better, I’d have to go with the McCoys’ foursome because Freddie, Johnny, Jody, Danny just sound better to me.  (Of course I am partial to J names, so the Johnny/Jody combo impacts my take on all this.)  I mention this just to let you know that, as with the Beatles’ John and George, 3 McCoy men Freddie, Johnnie and Danny are no longer with us.  Were they still around, we could have had 9 brothers at Buzzy’s. 

Although it varies at times, I think this might just be my favorite Beatles’ tune:

Here is another video showing the actual footage from Get Back (click here.)

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