Marijuana, No Make That Pot Tax Revenues Higher Than Alcohol

Ok, so I didn’t do anything here on the Buzzyblog to commemorate April 20th last week.  I know that you noriced.  

Here then on this Twofer Tuesday are two pot-related items for you.

First, check out this article on pot taxes exceeding monies raised from alcohol taxes (click here.)  Excerpt follows:

April 19, 2022

By Carl Davis and Mike Hegeman

The cannabis industry has come a long way since the first legal sale of adult-use cannabis eight years ago in Colorado. In 2021, the 11 states that allowed legal sales within their borders raised nearly $3 billion in cannabis excise tax revenue, an increase of 33 percent compared to a year earlier. While the tax remains a small part of state budgets, it’s beginning to eclipse other “sin taxes” that states have long had on the books. Most of the states that allowed cannabis sales last year raised more revenue from cannabis excise taxes than from alcohol excise taxes and profits (in the case of state-run liquor stores). In total, cannabis revenues outperformed alcohol by 20 percent by this measure.


That the pot tax revenues rose by 33% in 2021 makes me wonder if all those folks working from home were really working after all.  Not that I see anything wrong with that because I truly believe that the world is a better place with more and more people walking around with a little buzz on.

The second pot-related story however is a different matter altogether.  In another sure sign that we indeed are all aboard (get it?) a runaway train going straight to PC Hell, check out this story about banning the word marijuana:

Washington state bans use of the word ‘marijuana’ from state laws, citing racist implications | Just The News

The bill passed the Washington legislature unanimously leading me to wonder how many of them were high when they voted on it.  Here’s hoping that I never have to change the name Buzzy’s because it is determined to be offensive to say the bees.

And since I mentioned this above, here is the tune by that name:

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