When my XM subscription for my truck ran out some time ago, I found that I could still get to it thru my cell  phone.  (What can’t you get thru your cell phone anymore?  OK, don’t answer that!)

And yet, because my truck is pre-bluetooth, lots of the time I’m too lazy to do the connecting needed to listen to XM.  When travelling to and from Buzzy’s Country Store then, I tune to local radio station WKIK.   

Curious as to the station’s history and evolution thru the years, I found this 1952 article describing KIK as the first station to begin airing here in the County (click here for article reprinted here:)  

The article doesn’t mention where the call sign WKIK came from.  Most of the times the call sign will tie into something local such as WPTX and WMDM.  Thru the years KIK has had many different formats and call signs but for the most part it has been a country music station (click here.)  Leads me to wonder if it stood for Keep It Country but KIC was already taken.)  

As for memories of growing up listening to KIK check out the comments here on Massey’s You Know You’re From St. Mary’s FB page (click here.)

As stated KIK plays country music but most of it sure sounds like good old rock and roll to me:

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