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A few weeks back I did a twofer blogpost on the Orioles having notched back-to-back feats involving Jim Gentile’s two grand slams and Eddie Murray’s consecutive games of hitting switch hit home runs from each side of the plate.

Well, last night the Orioles as a team notched another back-to-back event when for the second game in a row they won with a walk off home run.  On Thursday their victory was against the Yankees and last night’s was against Tampa Bay in extra innings.   Good article here recapping the game (click here.)  Following video also shows you the hi-lites of what was a wild and crazy game.
Little background info for you – the Orioles had not beaten Tampa Bay since 2020 and had lost 15 consecutive times to them. It got me wondering if that was a record and I was pleasantly surprised to learn the following from a Wiki listing Major League Baseball’s longest winning streaks:
Ah yes, a hit from the past and the Orioles’ glory days. Kinda ironic isn’t it that the Royals also broke their losing streak with a walkoff home run just as the O’s did last night. 
Later today at Buzzy’s Country Store we will have the Preakness running set to go off at 7 pm.  The Preakness bubbas have the infield back open as it was pre-Covid and are anticipating 100,000 in attendance.  Wonder if the running of the Porta Potties is back?

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