Billy Hill – Halfway House and St. Mary's Landing Restaurants

Billy Hill passed away last month. To read his obit (click here.)  He is best known for running two iconic restaurants in the Charlotte Hall/Mechanicsville areas – the Halfway House and St. Mary’s Landing.  (Note I did a previous post a few years back on Billy and his ownership of St. Mary’s Landing (click here.) The following is an excerpt from his obit:

St. Mary’s County Library Microfilm Collection — Microfilm Image Viewer (

After selling the Halfway House in 2001, Billy then purchased St. Mary’s Landing in Charlotte Hall.  This also from his obit:

I first met and got to know Billy when I joined the Licensed Beverage Association in 2008 and Billy was President of it at the time.  He was not only very helpful to me in my new capacity as bar owner but he also told me several Buzzy stories from his time when he was a beer delivery man.  For a related post I did about Billy and a not-so-good recollection (click here.)

And speaking of restaurants and bars, here is a nice little tune from the three Bondesson sisters who go by the name Baskery:

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