Best Small Towns

Here is a fun little exercise for you.  

Check out this listing of each of our 50 States’ best small towns (click here.)  Unlike some of those other click bait sites that make you click repeatedly to see what you’re looking to see, along with several ads interspersed, this listing allows you to quickly scroll thru all 50 States’ best small towns.  

Here is your mission should you choose to accept it: as you scroll thru the list, count how many of these places you have been to.  I managed to notch 13 including a stop at this one in Alaska:

I also did a post on Nagley’s Store (click here) in October 2013.

As for Maryland’s entry, alas, Ridge and Scotland were both overlooked.  However, Berlin made it – probably because they got rid of that wall right?!

Just messing with you about that Berlin wall business, but on a serious note, did you know that the movie Runaway Bride starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, was filmed in Berlin?  The movie folks renamed the town Hale because they didn’t like the Berlin connotation.  

Great soundtrack to Runaway Bride with a little of everything from the Dead to Miles to Amadeus.  Here is the movie’s theme song from Eric. 

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