Twofer Tuesday – Talking Baseball Blues Times Two

To start by saying something positive, as tough as that may be to do so,  guess that the good news for our two local ball teams is that after one month of play, neither of them are deemed the worst team in MLB.  (I know, some kinda BF consolation right?)  

But barring a politically-related phenomena of maintaining that they have been winning when they have actually lost, the worst team in MLB today has been the Cincinnati Reds with a 3-19 record.  While the Reds have carved out this designation for themselves, the Orioles did not exactly escape being associated with the Reds’ lousiness because there was this headline:

As for the worst teams’ standings in MLB, joining the Reds are the Detroit Tigers and Kansas City A’s who have each only won 7 games.  By comparison, the Nats and O’s are 8-16 and 8-15 respectively.  As I said, some consolation isn’t it when you are reduced to saying things like “Well, at least we’re not the worst.” 

However, it is a long season, and so far the O’s pitching has looked pretty good.  Their 2.13 ERA at home is the best in all of MLB perhaps proving that moving those fences back was a good idea after all.  And with just a smidgen of hitting, the O’s could be far better than anyone projected.  I know, I am being very optimistic here, but hey, hope does spring eternal – or something like that.

The good news for the Nats is that their top pitchers Strasburg and Ross will soon start throwing as part of their rehabs.  Getting them back in the swing of things would go along way to helping the Nats stay above that bottom feeder designation.  

As a take away however, I am reminded of the old sports saying “When winning say nothing; when losing say less.”  Thus, I think I’ve said enough here on the state of our local ball teams.  Catch you next month for another, hopefully more upbeat, update.  

To focus for a moment on fun twosomes though, check out Shania’s and Billy’s party take on it:

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