Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Alright, it’s here at last, the day that we have all been waiting for – a holiday so cool that it doesn’t even have a name other than the day it falls on.  (For all you Spanish challenged folks out there, Cinco de Mayo translated is 5th of May.)  

Here then are some Cinco de Mayo-related facts that you may or may not have heard about:

1.  It commemorates Mexico’s Independence Day.  Wrong!

2.  It is a big holiday in Mexico.  Wrong!

3.  Cinco de Mayo beer sales surpass those of the Super Bowl.  Wrong, but they are comparable (click here.)   Cinco de Mayo beer sales do out number beer sales on St. Patrick’s Day though (click here.)   

4.  Conspiricists’ theory – Corona Beer created Cinco de Mayo.  Uh, who knows?  There is some conjecture that the alcohol industry, led by the Corona beer folks, were responsible for the growing popularity of Cinco de Mayo (click here.)  Fact of the matter is, Cinco de Mayo is indeed a very good hit for bars and restaurants. 

To read more info on the origins and history of Cinco de Mayo (click here.)   For a video on it (click here.) 

At Buzzy’s Country Store, plenty of Coronas and Modelos are chilled and waiting for you along with the Buzzballz version of a margarita.  (No limes however – so byol.  I do have some Margarita Salt though.  I think it is just plain salt that they charged me double for by putting it in a Margarita-Salt-labelled container.)   

Musically, can you name a country musician who loves celebrating Cinco de Mayo?  Arriba McEntire!  (Sorry, but keep in mind that I did try to spare you the skunks-drinking-tequilla-joke!  Answer below if you can’t figure out the punchline.)

Stinko de Mayo!

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