Hello Dolly You Rock n Roll Queen You

I know you are expecting me to comment on the Roe v. Wade issue just because that’s all that everyone else is talking about right now.  Gonna take a pass but will note that I did hear the following comment that just made me shake my head while smiling at it.  (I know, I am a sick puppy for smiling at abortion jokes.)   The comment went  “I’m all for killing children; I just can’t stand giving women rights.”  Guess you can see why I’m gonna stay away from any further abortion discussions.   

But for me, the really important news yesterday was the release of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees for this year (click here.) The big name inductee in all the headlines is Dolly Parton.  That is because a couple months back Dolly put out a blurb saying that she did not feel worthy of being an inductee and asked NOT to be considered for induction into the Rock n Roll HoF.  

Turns out that that it was a pretty clever move on Dolly’s part because that’s exactly what the HoF bubbas then proceeded to do.  After graciously asking not to be considered, Dolly then very graciously accepted the honor.   

As if to justify her being admitted into the HoF, several related articles have mentioned her rock bona fides as doing a cover of Stairway to Heaven.  Listen below and see what you think.  To paraphrase it “if you listen very hard, the tune will come to you at last.”  But for me I had to listen VERY hard.  My take is that Dolly should have stuck with 9 to 5 as an example of her rock and roll chops and left Stairway alone.  Not saying anything, jess sayin’ that some songs should be left alone.

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