Businesses With Two Initials

Driving out Rt. 249 one day last week just before Happyland Road, I saw a couple of political signs that had just been posted along the side of the road. As I checked them out, the following sign adjacent to the political ones caught my eye:

A mile up the road I then passed this sign:

Then at the end of 249 as I sat at the light at the intersection of Rt.5, I couldn’t help but notice the A&W Convenience Store Gas Station across the way.

Seeing all 3 of these “initialled” businesses made me curious about how many more were scattered along my drive to Ridge. I made note of them on my way down the road and then took these photos as I headed home later in the evening.

Callaway – Adjacent Raley’s Alignment
Great Mills
Just Above Elms Beach Road

The D&S Home Improvement one at the end of Willows Road made me think of Dennis Edwards’ D&S Seafood on St. Georges Island. Later on when I discussed this with my buddy Bobby Wright he mentioned Johnny and Mike Adams’ A&A Restoration who are also located here in the Second District. The more I thought about it, the more initialled businesses I came up with new and old such as P&P Brothers, L&M Van Lines, A&E Motel just to name a few in the Lexington Park Area. There was also a time when Monks Inn was known as F&J’s.

So imagine my surprise when just yesterday as I was cleaning out some old papers and things that I had stashed in a storage container, I came upon the following. It is something that my son Brady penned in 1989 advertising his and Brian Weigman’s B&B Lawnwowers:

Pretty good eh? A dynamite of a deal with a handshake thrown in!

And since I coudln’t think of any Two Intialled Business tunes, here is a grass cutting song for you :

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