Caffeinated or Not

Years ago when I had to get a blood test, I followed the Doctor’s instructions of nothing to eat nor drink prior to the test. Pissed at not being able to swill down my coffee first thing, I got up early and made my way over to the Shah Building in Hollywood aiming to get there at 6:45 so I could be one of the first in and out when they opened at 7 a.m. I had a mug of coffee in my thermos cup awaiting me in the car.

However, when I got to the lab downstairs at the Shah Building I was surprised to see that 5 people were already sitting there before me. I joked with them “Guess I’m not the only one who can’t stand not having coffee first thing in the morning.” Only one person there even smiled or acknowledged my half-assed attempt at humor, so I took my seat and said nothing more. However, the thought ran thru my mind “These guys must be having worst caffeine withdrawals than I am.”

Fact of the matter is that I too was doing some mental gyrations moving and grooving without my morning fix. As I sat in the Lab getting more and more impatient about having to wait so long before I could drink my coffee, I decided that maybe I needed to start weening myself off of caffeine.

I thought of all this just the other day when my daughter Ryan sent me this excellent video on caffeine. (Note that I have used the video as my test run on loading videos here on the new Buzzyblog, so check it out as you drink your morning coffee.)

Music-wise, Tom always runs thru my mind when I have to wait on or for something:

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