Thankful Twofer Tuesday

My good friend Billy Fitzgerald recently informed me that he reads the Buzzyblog as much as he can, but on some days he is unable to access it. He also noted that he had tried several times to make a comment on something that I had written, but was not able to do so. I informed Billy that several people had voiced similar complaints about the Buzzyblog and that I was looking for someone to help me either fix those issues or move the blog to another hosting site entirely.

Billy immediately suggested that I get in touch with “Bev from the Seventh” and asked if I knew whom he was talking about. I laughed and said yes because Beverly visits Buzzy’s quite frequently. I have known Beverly for years and while I knew that she was a compter techie, I had never thought to bug her about my blog problems.

Long story short, a day or two after talking with Billy, I contacted Beverly and this past Sunday she made it all happen. In a matter of hours, she did the Buzzyblog transfer/upgrade and you are now looking at the new and improved version. Who says Buzzy’s doesn’t do new.

That said however, in learning the blog’s new format and its features, I have the “teach-an-old-dog-some-new-tricks” syndrome to overcome. The good news is that the host site Word Press seems to be somewhat user friendly so hopefully even a Ridge boy like me can learn it enough to make it work.

For now though, I’m just thankful that Billy and Beverly were around to steer me in the right direction.

I haven’t figured out how to upload some music on here yet, but given that it’s such a rainy day I will direct you to this tune (click here.) Be sure to catch it at the 3:43 mark where Sam and Conway talk about the sound of rain falling on an old tin roof. For a good review and discussion of this tune (click here.) (Take note too of how cool Mr. Antil’s blogsite is and how well it is structured. I may just have to bug Bev again on how to work some of those features into the Buzzyblog!)

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