Kellie and George at Buzzy's Where You Will Always Be Treated Like a Local

This past Sunday my friend Kellie Hinkle, her Husband George and their friend Kimsley visited Buzzy’s Country Store.  Kellie is the Deputy Director of St. Mary’s Economic Development Department and was a big help to me during the County’s Covid grants’ process.   

Sunday when they rolled into Buzzy’s wearing their Hawaiian shirts, I told them that I had debated just that morning wearing one of my Hawaiian shirts and thus re-start Buzzys Hawaiian Shirt Sundays.   

I particularly liked, in her FB comments below, Kellie’s note that at Buzzy’s “you will always be treated like a local.”  That’s high praise indeed!  (I can hear some of my cynical locals saying “What?  He’s gonna treated you as badly as he does us!?”)  Nonetheless, thank you Kellie and come back as often as you can do so.

Here’s Jimmy talking about a place with lots of locals who also don’t care where you’re from:

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