Twofer Tuesday – Two Girls and Two Guys

Somewhere in my Buzzyblog ramblings I came upon this photo of me and my two daughters Ryan and Reagan when we were all in Hawaii back in 2010.  (Note that I should probably photoshop those two dudes in the background but they always make me laugh when my eye wanders to them and I wonder – what were they looking at.

It was a timely find for me because Reagan’s birthday is this coming Thursday the 19th and Ryan just called me the other day to chat.  She said that she had been thinking about me.  Very nice.

That both my daughters are so far away gives me pause.  However, the good news is that with all the texting and info sharing and back and forth they don’t seem so far away.  Guess there are some good things to be said about social media and technology after all.

Nice little get-back-home song for folks who find themselves somewhere else:

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