All Cleaned Up and Someplace for You to Go

Thanks to the quick response from Capt. Jimmy Cullison, the tree damage from last weeks’ microburst at Buzzy’s Country Store is all cleaned up.

Buzzy Hill With One Less Locust (Photo by Jenny)
Fence Mangled But Tree Mess By Dumpster Gone. Photo by Jenny.

The walnut tree adjacent the front porch is going to remain for now; but I have asked Jimmy to do some major trimming on it. Hopefully, any future microbursts will be kind to Buzzy’s. Just to be sure though, when that “Severe Thunderstorms in Area” warning is given, don’t park your vehicle under Buzzy’s walnut tree.

Storm song from Bob here for you. Note that while in Stockholm a few weeks back l wanted to visit their Nobel Peace Prize Museum but, like Buzzy’s, the Museum is closed on Mondays. I wanted to visit mostly to see how Bob’s induction was handled and exhibited. Will catch him next time in another lifetime.

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