Happy Birthday Shawn!

My Grandson Shawn turns 17 today. Yep, time doth fly.

Emma, Steph, Shea, Lily, Shawn and Carla

“Sign of the times” isn’t it when you got to try and decipher what the kids’ hand signals mean before you show a photo of them? I was hoping the 4 fingers Shawn is flashing meant “My Granddad rocks!” but turns out it’s a football-related sign having to do with owning the 4th quarter. For an article and a list of hand signs (click here.) This excerpt is from that source:

Bear Bryant Still Relevant 50 Some Years Later

And of course anytime Bear is mentioned, I have to play this classic DBT tune. Just the other day, when listening to one of the mixed tape CD’s that my buddy Mike Whitson made for me, I heard this song begin to play and it made me smile. I wondered just how Mike knew that it is one of my go-to favorite tunes?! (Note thanks to my new neato-spoleto search feature here on the Buzzyblog I can quickly find my previous post on this (click here.)

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