St. Mary’s City Beer Fest Tomorrow

Historic St. Mary’s City Commission will hold their annual Beer Fest tomorrow and it should be a fun event. Beer, food and music is always a good recipe for a fun event right?

It is gonna cost you a couple bucks to attend, but the $30 entry fee includes 4 beers and a glass. It also includes admission to the St. Mary’s City Museum which is normally a $10 hit. (It is only $9 for old folks marking another example of the one and only good thing about getting older – Senior Discounts!) For those of you who have never checked out the excellent St. Mary’s City Museum, this is an ideal time to do so either before or after you hit the Beer Fest.

And since I mentioned before-and-after-Beer-Fest things to do, here is a shameless plug for you to consider visiting a place a little south of St. Mary’s City where a daily Beer Fest is held with no entry fee: Buzzy’s Country Store for all your drinking and historic needs. As for a museum vibe, consider Buzzy’s a living museum complete with old artifacts and farts hanging out there.

So think about all that – the Beer Fest, the Museum and Buzzy’s all in one fell swoop? Now that’s an afternoon in South County for you to consider!

Robbie Boothe will be one of the acts playing some music at the Beer Fest. To catch his newest tune, which was just released today, click his FB link here and scroll down:

(20+) Robbie Boothe | Facebook

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