Trees Down at Buzzy’s (Really Down as in Fallen)

Tree by dumpster at Buzzy’s Country Store:

Ned Pratt Photo
Photo by Pat Birmingham – Note Polock’s Old Patio Peeking Out

Pam and I had just settled in to watching Yellowstone last evening when one of my tenants texted to inform me that the tree adjacent the dumpster at the Store had just fallen, As I texted her back, my first thought was “Hope it is not blocking the driveway.” However, after she responded by noting that the tree had fallen away from the driveway and onto the fence, my second thought was “Good, that’s not too bad.”

Well, that thought of relief was very short lived because no sooner had I set the phone down, it rang with a call from Lisa at the Store. She informed me “of some excitement” that had just transpired whereby some limbs from the locust tree on the hill in front of the Store had also fallen. Now my thought was “This is not good.”

Lisa continued to inform me that the tree limbs had landed on 2 vehicles parked below it. Now, my thoughts were along the lines of “Oh shit – this is really bad!!” My final desecent into bad thoughtdom came when Lisa concluded by saying “One of the vehicles was JW’s new Mustang.” Now I’m thinking “Oh Fu#k!”.

JW Photo
Photo by Ned Pratt

Thanks to the quick efforts of Duncan and several others also at the Store, JW was able to move his car out from underneath the tree limb and take it home. Thanks also to Duncan and crew, they freed up Francis’ truck and then cleaned up the Buzzy parking lot.

I conversed with JW and, all things considered, he was fairly calm. Damages to his car are minor but still bad enough that he is going to need some body work performed on it.

On top of all that (no pun intended) a hail storm blew thru Buzzy’s. Like they always say, when it rains it pours. Good news is that even the worst of storms will and do eventually pass.

Twiddle is a Vermont-based Jam Band that’s been around awhile now and are worth checking out (click here.) Nice little upbeat tune here from them.

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