3 July – Now and Then

Something from 53 years ago (below.) And something for you to do today (in addition to stopping in Buzzy’s later on of course:)

This day in rock history saw the start of the Atlanta Pop Festival held 3-5 July in 1969 (click here for video.) Even though you will not see us in any films of the event, Doug Courtney and I nevertheless were there for this 3 day event. From the little I remember about it, it was a great time. Doug and I had been living in Clearwater, Florida for only a couple weeks when we drove up to the Atlanta Speedway that 4th of July weekend to catch the concert. I remember how we worked our way up near the stage and had a close up look at the various performers including Creedence Clearwater:

Love the irony of Fogerty singing at the 4:07 mark “I can remember the 4th of July….” As I have discussed previously Creedence was the inspiration for Doug naming his boat Bad Moon Rising (click here.)

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