Happy 4th!

Just the facts Ma’Am. (If you are an old fart, you get that reference. If you don’t get it (click here.))

The Old Farmers Almanac (Compliments of Boys Town.)

Buzzy’s will be open today. Stop by and check out the nice Welcome Sign that Chief Larry has made for the occasion. I am thinking that this will become a permanent fixture on Buzzy’s front door. Thank you Larry. (Note too, if you haven’t already noticed, that it is Larry’s drone photo above that I picked to use as the Buzzyblog header.)

Music-wise, George M. Cohan wrote the following tune incorporating the line “Born on the 4th of July.” Although Cohan’s birth certificate lists him as being born on July 3rd, his parents maintained that he was born on the 4th. Makes a good story either way (click here.)

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