Twofer Tuesday – Fathers and Sons Buying Rounds at Buzzy’s

Buzzy’s recently had a rather unique twofer involving two sets of Fathers and Sons buying rounds. Here is how all that went down.

Last month my Buzzy neighbor and Sunday-evening-clerk Chris Bender was in Buzzy’s hanging with his Dad Bob visiting here from North Carolina. It was a busy Saturday afternoon in Buzzy’s with several rounds having been bought, the bells ringing and everybody having a good time. Let’s just say that Bob and Chris stayed for awhile before they headed out the door. (I could try and make a joke here about them and their last name being Bender but won’t do so because I know that they have probably heard all sorts of silly jokes of that nature many times previously.)

Here is a nice photo, taken by Brian Barnhill, of Chris and Bob when they were relaxing in Buzzy’s.

A few days after his Dad had returned to Carolina, Chris dropped back into the Store. He told me that his Dad had had such a great time in Buzzy’s that he wanted Chris to buy a round for everyone on him and that he would reimburse Chris. I rang the bell and told everyone that the round was on Bob.

A few minutes afterwards, and I mean almost immediately afterwards, the Simms fellas, as in Charlie and son Glenn, rolled into Buzzy’s. As Charlie was being greeted by my Buzzy friends as the celebrity that he is, Glenn hit the counter and said “Dad and I want to buy a round for everyone. Ring the bell.” I just smiled and thought to myself “How cool is this!”

Greg Weaver and Beth Ward in Background

I am sure that there have been many Father-Son combos buying rounds previously in Buzzy’s; but I doubt that there have been two back-to-back ones like these.

Speaking of Fathers and Sons hanging out in bars, check out just maybe the best tune ever about that dynamic:

Note Son John Carbone on keyboards in the video and in the group photo at 1:11. He and his old man were in Buzzy’s just the other day drinking a cold beer.

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