New Flag at Buzzy’s

From Being Lowered and Raised So Often?

My Buzzyblog post a few weeks back on lowering the flag to half mast led to a couple of folks pointing out to me that I needed a new flag. I guess as long as the flag was flying at full mast, no one ever noticed too much that it was a little torn and frayed.

Once lowered to half mast however, its raggedy condition became a little more obvious (photo above.) Without trying to go too esoteric on you, maybe there is a life lesson to be learned here in that if you always keep your flag flying high, folks will not notice your imperfections.

Bottomline however, I purchased a new flag that is 100% ready for Buzzy-prime-time-flag-pole duties. It is now flying untorn and unfrayed from the Buzzy flagpole in front of the Store.

Here is a good Stones’ song that gets little air time and is rarely listed as one of their greatest tunes. Jagger buries his vocals and lyrics in the mix but it doesn’t matter “Just as long as the guitar plays.”

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