St. James Pt 2

Quick follow up on St. James the Saint and St. James the Deli.

St. James the Greater

First the Saint. Yesterday I mentioned how the movie The Way involved folks making a pilgrimage to the Cathdedral of St. James in northwest Spain. What I did not mention is that it is so popular that it ranks third on the Christian tourist list behind only Rome and Jerusalem.

Also, I learned that there were a couple of James bopping around in those early days. That accounts for naming one of them The Greater. The following articles and excerpts go into more details on this:

A Prayer to Saint James the Greater, Apostle (

However, there seems to be some disagreement that James, as great as he was, ever made it to Spain and that his body is not actually buried there.

Who Was Saint James? The Beginner’s Guide – OverviewBible

As for the St. James Deli, it is located just across the road from where the St. James Church once stood. While the Church is gone, the St. James Cemetary is still there (click here.) Maybe we should start claiming that St. James the Lesser is buried there and get put on the pilgimage trail. (Note, there is also a St. James, Maryland located in Washington County just south of Hagerstown.)

Music-wise – it all leads me back to James as in Taylor:

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