Saturday South County – The Way to Go

I haven’t mentioned our South County Homegrown Farm Market in awhile but this is the time of year to plan a visit there as all that garden produce is now available. Don’t know where it is? OK, I will draw you a map:

See what I did there? As the mapsters would say, I dropped a pin for Buzzy’s Country Store after you go to the Market. (When my Granddaughter Lily was visiting a few weeks back I made plans to pick her up at a friend’s house to go to lunch. When I asked for directions there she told me to “Drop a pin” and then had to explain to me what exactly that meant.)

The other address I included on the above map in between the Market and Buzzy’s is St. James Deli owned and run by my friends Dave and Sherry Thompson. This was their advertised special yesterday:

Everytime I pass St. James Deli I think of Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez in the movie The Way. (I have previously discussed this movie and how I came to know about it (click here.)) It tells the story of a father who flies to Spain to identify and retrieve his son’s body after the son has died while hiking the Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James.) I know, it doesn’t sound too exciting nor much fun but it does tell you a good story and does inform you of the scared trail and its significance thru history. Here is the movie’s trailer:

The movie’s soundtrack features this tune from JT:

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