Mrs. Coffey’s Country Store

Many times visitors to Buzzy’s Country Store will tell me about a country store that either is or was (mostly was) in their hometown. Usually I make note of the store and will later try to track down what I can about it. Occasionally however, the folks who told me about the store will followup by forwarding me info on it. For example I received the following email from Dayna Miller who, along with her husband, visited Buzzy’s a few weeks ago:

“Greetings from Bedford Va!! Our vacation in your corner of the world is over, but I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed visiting your store and talking of times gone by. 

Since you expressed interest in the little post office in Lowry Va, I went back to my photo albums and found some treasures I have of Mrs Coffey and her daughter DeeDee. I wish I had a photo of the car – a 1950 Cadillac. They fired it up and drove her to a party for one of her last bday’s. But I don’t have a photo.

Anyway – enjoy the photos. They were taken in 2002. And this is a link that includes a story about her and her store (all the way at the bottom of the article.)”

My thanks to Dayna for sending me the following photos, articles and info on Mrs. Coffey and her store. Be sure to click on the link that Dayna provided in her email. Mrs. Coffey’s section appears at the end of that article, but the stories preceding her’s are worth reading too.

Lowry Post Office / Country Store

I enlarged this photo to show the doorway entrance with the Coffey Store sign:

Enlarged Photo of Entrance

Here are photos of Mrs. Coffey and her daughter DeeDee taken in 2002:

Then there was this 2004 article that ran in the Lynchburg News and Advance following Mrs. Coffey’s passing.

The News and Advance

Mrs. Coffey’s obit:

My thanks again to Dayna for sending me all this info. (Note that Mrs. Coffey reminded me of our Mrs. Quade whom I did a couple of Buzzyblog posts on several years ago (click here.)

Since we’re talking older ladies here, check out this tune on that very subject:

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