Birthdays x 4 and Roy

Back in the day, Buzzy’s busiest birthday celebration would have been on July 19th when my Aunt Aileen, Herbie McKay and Ben Forrest would all celebrate their big day. Another triple header would have been on 20 November when Warren Burke, Tommy Courtney and John Wayne Raley all celebrated their birthdays. As far as I know however, Buzzy has never had a foursome celebration like we did yesterday when CJ Little, Rita Weaver, JW Raley and Karen Quade all celebrated theirs’.

Photo by Bob Mann

Who says Wednesday was just another day at Buzzy’s? My thanks to everyone who stopped by and wished the birthday boys and girls a good one. I don’t think we are anywhere close to matching August 3rd for the being the busiest birthday day in Buzzy’s. But like Babe Ruth said “Records are made to be broken.” OK, so maybe Babe didn’t actually say that, but you know what I mean.

Driving home from New York yesterday, Pam and I stumbled into a Service Area i.e. a Rest Stop on the Jersey Turnpike and grabbed something to eat from a Roy Rogers Restaurant. Granted, I haven’t been on any road trips in quite awhile, but I was semi-surprised to see ole Roy still doing it. Turns out that from a heyday of having over 600 ftanchises Roy is now down to approximately only 40 (click here.) I’m not sure, but judging from the road signage on the Jersey Turnpike, Roy appears to be in every Jersey rest stop. The following is from someone who actually stopped at and ranked every Jersey Turnpike rest stop:

Every Rest Stop on the New Jersey Turnpike, Ranked – Eater

Didn’t the Roy clerks used to have say “Happy Trails” to you after they finished taking your money?

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