Things to Do

Couple events going down this weekend: Card party in Ridge, National Lighthouse weekend in other places.

The Piney Point Lighthouse tour also features admission to their excellent Maritime Exhibt and a look at the keepers’ quarters. Usually it is a $7 admission fee but this weekend it’s Open House as part of the National Lighthouse Day.

May Have to Go Just to Hear What Keeper Yeatman & Wife Have to Say
National Lighthouse Weekend at Piney Point Lighthouse – The BayNet

All this hoop dee doo about Lighthouses makes me wonder what the hell is up with the South County Pt. Lookout Lighthouse and why that bad boy isn’t open yet!? Note to self – find out why “our” Lighthouse isn’t open.

Speaking of hoop dee doo, I never much cared for Lawrence Welk, his show nor his music. However, I will give him his due for having had a hit TV show on the air for 31 years. I can remember Buzzy coming back into the living room after he had closed the Store and taking over the T-V. My brother Stevie and I would be in the middle of watching Leave It To Beaver, or something like that, when Buzzy would switch the channel to Lawrence Welk. Buzzy would then proceed to fall fast asleep reclining in his Archie Bunker chair whereupon we would turn the channel back to the Beav. Buzzy would immediately wake up and complain “Hey, I was watching that, now turn it back.” I think that may have had something to do with why I never became a big fan of the A1-N-A2 fella.

Check out this video where Lawrence manages to knock out some two-stepping with all 5 of the ladies featured here in this polka. Notice how conservatively the ladies are all dressed. That is because Lawrence was uptight about his dancers showing too much skin. He once fired a dancer for showing too much leg (click here.) Talk about some hoop dee doo over nothing!

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