From T-Ray’s to Buzzy’s

Some visitors were in Buzzy’s Country Store awhile back and told me how much it reminded them of their local hangout in Amelia, Florida named T-Rays. I told them I would check it out and put something on the Buzzyblog here about it.

However, when I did some research on T-Rays, I learned that it was a restaurant and not really a country store so I didn’t followup on doing a post on it.

Earlier this week, my visitors were back in the area on vacation and presented me with a T-Rays hat.

Julie, Susan, Me, Robin and Megan. (Photo by Kim Wiley.)

As I do with all hat gifts, I had them sign and date it. My thanks to all of them, and in particular to Susan for such a nice gift. I will have T-Rays on display in Buzzy’s from now on.

Here then is the T-Rays story and how their slogan “Eat Here and Get Gas” came to be. The following is from their website (click here.)

Not that I am trying to keep up with T-Ray, but this Sunday Richard from Ridge Market will have his BBQ operation at Buzzy’s serving up some good stuff for everyone. So plan on dropping down. Note – I’ll hold off on stealing T-Ray’s advertising to Eat Here and Get Gas.

Music-wise, my Daughter-in-law Caitie went to Towson with Jimmy Charles who wrote this nice little tune that I think most of you will understand.

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