Shulman’s Market – Ken Burns

In Ken Burns’ US and the Holocaust series last night, he featured a brother and sister discussing how they arrived in America and were reunited with their parents who lived in Washington, D.C. (Note – the sister is Susan Hilsenrath and is featured quite a lot in the Burns’ series. To read more about her and her fascinating story as a survivor (click here).

Accompanying the brother and sister’s narrations, Burns showed a photo of Shulman’s Market and focussed on the apartment above the Store which led me to believe that this was where the brother and sister’s folks lived.

I first found this photo on the excellent photo site and have done a couple of Buzzyblog posts on it thru the years (click here for one.)

My interest has always been in the name similarities of Buzzy’s Country Store first owner Nathan Shuman and Shulman’s. Usually the store owners lived above their store. However one of the commentators on the Shorpy photo noted that the owner Bernard Shulman lived at an address other than the store’s.

Another commentator noted that there were several Shulman stores:

Dave then posted another store photo (below) on Shorpy with this note:

This is the Photo That Burns Used

Musically, check out Noah Kahan who has called himself the Jewish Ed Sheeran.

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