Gender Reveal Controversies

When I invited Lois and her husband Bob to Brittany and AJ’s Gender Reveal Party at Buzzy’s Country Store (yesterday’s post) a year ago, Lois informed me “As long as there are no fireworks or guns involved we’ll be here. We’ve been to some of these gender reveal parties with explosives and firearms that were a little too dangerous for me.”

It got me thinking about gender reveal party fails. Sure enough, a quick Google search “reveals” that there have been a lot of them where some very bad things went down including the start of a 2020 wildfire that destroyed thousands of acres and resulted in the death of a fireman (click here.) The gender reveal couple were using a smoke generating pyrotechnic device to announce their baby’s sex when it caught some dry grass on fire and quickly spread. They are now being charged with involuntary manslaughter in the fireman’s death.

Another related accident occurred just last year when a plane being used to do the reveal crashed and killed the pilot and a passenger (click here.) Bet that sure ruined that couple’s gender reveal party.

Of course, as they say, “accidents will happen” regardless the circumstances. Youtube contains all sorts of funny compilation videos of gender reveal fails (click here for one.) However, when the reveal includes guns and/or explosives, as Lois pointed out, it can get dangerous real quick.

Note – there is also some sociological-based controversies over reveal parties having to do with gender inequality issues. It was a little too much for me to try and process here on a Monday morning with only 1 cup of coffee in me so I stayed with the physical controversy about gender reveal parties. Should you want to wade into all that discussion of reveal parties representing too-much-gender-emphasis (click here or here.)

And since I sorta quoted him, here is Elvis in a pink suit. Wonder if he was revealing that he and Momma were expecting a girl?!

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