Gender Reveal Followup

It was one year ago today that AJ and Brittany Gulvas held their gender reveal party at Buzzy’s Country Store (click here for Buzzyblog post on that event.)

To commemorate that First Ever Gender Reveal Party at Buzzy’s, Brittany’s Grandmom Janet presented me with this canvass photo the other day.

Seven months after the Buzzy Reveal Party, Levi Douglas made his arrival:

Reveal Party on the 18th and Born on the 18th

As for an update, here is a recent photo of Levi attending his first Commanders’ game just last Sunday:

Brittany and Levi (Rocking a Redskins Shirt!)

Speaking of T-shirts, don’t forget that Brittany can custom make a shirt for you as she did here for a recent customer. (For her website click here.)

Think I’ve Known a Couple of Those Spooky Kinda Ladies!

Good excuse to play this tune and video which features only one scene/photo. Usually I look for a video with a little more action in it, but for some reason this one caught my eye and seemed worth looking at for the entire the 2:47 length of the video. See if you don’t agree.

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