Last Will and Testament

The subject of wills came up in Buzzy’s Country Store the other day after someone asked whether or not Queen Elizabeth had a will. My many Cliffs in the Store at the time did not know the answer until someone googled it and learned that she did indeed have a will. (On the subject of the Queen’s passing, I keep expecting to see a headline any day now to that effect “Twenty Days Later and She is Still Dead!”)

However, even though the Queen did have a will, it is to remain a secret (click here.) It leads me to wonder if maybe she was not as rich as she pretended to be and she did not want that to be publicized. Where have we heard that before?

In Buzzy’s, following the Queen discussion, the subject of wills was discussed some more and it turned out that it was roughly 50-50 between those who said they did and those who said they did not have a will. I was a little surprised at this because most of my Buzzy friends tend to skew to the Late-Autumn-of-Life-Age. I would have thought that the will-to-no-will ratio would have been a little higher as shown here in this recent Gallup survey of how many Americans have a will:

How Many Americans Have a Will? (

Pam and I recently had our wills done up and it was another one of those rites of passage in life that you go through because you have to and not necessarily because you want to. The Buzzy in me wanted to do the el-cheapo Legal Zoom version of a will and be done with it. However, we enlisted the services of Jacki Meiser and thanks to her efforts it wasn’t as bad nor as expensive an exercise that I thought it would be. (Thank you Jacki.)

For a good article on some strange last will testaments (click here.) Note the Janis Joplin one “Rocking Friend” where she left her friends some money so they “could get blasted after I’m gone.” Buzzy had a similar stipulation in his will for a post-funeral party to be held in his memory. I never knew that he and Janis had something in common!

Unlike Buzzy and Janis, JJ didn’t sound like he planned to leave anything to anyone in his goodbye tune:

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