Football and Beer Prices

A sports betting platform recently surveyed beer prices at every NFL stadium and found the NFL average to be $9.56 per 16 oz. (click here.)

At the top of the costliest beer list were the Eagles at roughly $15 a pop. It tends to make me wonder if jacking the price up so high was not some concerted effort by Eagles’ management to try and keep their crazy fans semi-sober during the game.

At the other end of the price spectrum, the Lions, Falcons and Jets “only” charge $6.25. Here below are the team rankings. Note Commanders @ $11 are tied for the 5th highest price tag while the Ravens @ $8.13 are tied for 12th.

The Chargers and the Rams, who both play at SoFi Stadium in LA, are tied for second place on the list @ $13.75 per beer. However, in the other stadium where two teams play, MetLife in Jersey, there is a big discrepancy in the beer prices for each of the two teams.

The Jets’ @ $6.25 are among the lowest in the NFL, while their counterparts the Giants are charging $11 a beer. This seems a little strange in that one would assume they both get their beer supplies from the same distributors and that they both use the same stadium facilities such as coolers and keggers from week-to-week. How then do the Giants get away with charging almost double what the Jets are charging? Think maybe the Giants have to kick in more for that Jimmy-Hoffa-gravesite-maintenance fund? (If you don’t get that joke (click here.)

As for how all this compares to Buzzy’s beer prices, the NFL’s got nothing on Buzzy’s. Buzzy’s prices @ $2.25 for a 12 ounce domestic beer and $3.00 for a craft/ imported beer, works out to approximately $3.50 per 16 ounces of beer. That’s roughly half of what the lowest of the low NFL bubbas are charging for their beers. (Plus, at Buzzy’s you don’t have to wait in a long line to pay for your beer!) Bottom line, watch the game at Buzzy’s and bank all that beer money you save by doing so.

Music-wise, since the topic of Hoffa meeting his Maker came up, check out this video about another untimely date with fate:

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